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GLOBAL TRADERS FUNDING LTD – This is an investment project that provides the opportunity to entrust the management of assets on the crypto -story professional traders. The company is registered in the UK and is actively in demand among private investors

Reviews of our partners

  • Stanislav

    Уже 3й месяц инвестирую в трейдеров Global Traders все четко в плюсе на 47 000$ инвестировал 25к$
  • Filippo

    Трейдеры платят как прописано, прибыль каждую неделю без задержек. Команда кайфует и рубит капусту
  • Ngia

    Mọi thứ đều hoạt động, tôi rút lợi nhuận từ các nhà giao dịch 5 500 trên sàn giao dịch chứng khoán của mình
  • Nikita

    Вывел за первую прибыль 50$ пришли на кошелек через 20 минут, все работает спасибо трейдерам.
  • ViktorKravtsov

    Вывел прибыль 6 000$ видео в группе нашей команды. Подключайтесь, будем качать вместе.
  • SvetIk

    Сегодня вывела уже 2ю прибыль по 300$ от русского трейдера. Все отлично, подключаю подруг. Трейдеры начисляют гарантированный %
  • LizaVip

    Вывела первую прибыль 340usdt поступили в течении 20 минут Трейдеры работают и платят указанный %
  • SvetLanka

    Инвестируем всей семьей, пока копим на более топовых трейдеров. Начали с небольшой суммы прибыль поступает регулярно.
  • Stanislav

    Занимаюсь инвестициями не первый год. Компания подходит для моего портфеля- спасибо трейдеру Frenk Graffon стабильная прибыль портфель растет.
  • Nikolai98

    Инвестировал 150$ через неделю пришел % от трейдера, все ок прибыль вывел быстро.
  • ViktorKravtsov

    Пока только знакомлюсь, все отлично. Трейдер Евгений Стрельцов торги только в + все отлично. Выплаты во время без задержек. Будем строить команду!
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Our highest goal

We seek to enrich our customers by receiving a profit from the management of capital on the crypto officer.The company helps everyone to get stable passive income, making people's lives better.We are developing through the development of our customers, so we leave all participants with profit.

We also own the school of trading, where we cultivate new traders, investors, financiers. We are sure that our desire to convey knowledge about financial literacy and financial thinking will make people independent and happy. Each participant, investors or partner is important to achieve a common goal — financial freedom.

Trade on the exchange

We do not just take your money and invest in highly liquid or low -fluid assets, we diversify the risks.Each invested dollar is distributed by a ten cryptocurrency pairs, which allows you to make a profit and compensate for the loss of other assets.

We are also engaged in the trade of companies, but are not trying to win in the race of the so-called single companies (more than a billion dollars with capitalization).Our goal is to search for developing organizations, startups that are able to make a profit in a short time and stay afloat even on a crisis.Thanks to which more than 30% of companies pay for all positions within one year.



A team of five experienced traders from around the world is engaged in direct trade on our exchange. We found the best in our business and divided them into different price segments. Each has knowledge of strategy GLOBAL TRADERS FUNDING LTD Thanks to which for more than 3 years it has been bringing high income to our partners and investors.

Piter Cross (America)

  • Accepts in management:

    от 10$

  • Term:

    на 1 месяц

  • Profit to:

    7% в неделю

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Evgeny Streltsov (Russia)

  • Accepts in management:

    от 500$

  • Term:

    на 3 месяца

  • Profit to:

    12% в неделю

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Hyng nguyen (Vietnam)

  • Accepts in management:

    от 5000$

  • Term:

    на 6 месяцев

  • Profit to:

    17% в неделю

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Frenk Graffon (America)

  • Accepts in management:

    от 10000$

  • Term:

    на 10 месяцев

  • Profit to:

    20% в неделю

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Simon Vavie (Switzerland)

  • Accepts in management:

    от 50000$

  • Term:

    на 1 год

  • Profit to:

    25% в неделю

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affiliate program

Partners are an important part of Global Traders. Each investor will be able to show activity and invite friends, comrades or just acquaintances to our project. For this, the partner will receive a certain bonus. We will provide advertising materials that will help you attract users and better tell about our company. Thanks to this, you can make money with us without investments. Share a referral link and get a percentage of deposits of invited investors.

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The main characteristics of Global Tradeers Funding Ltd

Provides services to funding for successful traders around the world. Their trading accounts can reach $ 500,000, which allows traders to access capital to develop their business.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to manage your assets on a crypto -story, Global Tradeers Funding Ltd may be an interesting option


The company was registered on March 14, 2023 and is located at 128 City Road, London, Great Britain, EC1V 2NX


According to the classification (SIC), it belongs to the category of “activities of other membership organizations not included in other categories”

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